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An Evangelism Guide

Jesus At The Door is framed around nine points and a picture.  

Three pertain to the picture, three symbolise sin, and three reveal repentance. 

We use a modern work of art to begin the conversation based on Holman Hunt’s “Light Of The World” painting, inspired by Revelation 3:20. It was drawn by artist Charlie Mackesy.

The Evangelism Made Easy Book

Evangelism Made Easy offers a unique tool – an Equipping Card to use with anyone you know, anywhere -and practical, step-by-step instructions, helping readers witness to friends, family, even strangers on the street. This tried-and-tested method is framed around nine points and a picture and takes about two minutes from introduction to salvation.

Also available in Amazon, Baker Book House, and Barnes & Noble.

Living Letters

What if we could document the journey of a disciple? From the rebirth salvation moment, to entering the waters of baptism, to sharing the same Gospel that transformed their life? Wouldn’t that be something? Well, we’ve done exactly that. Check out some our most recent films below.

Tent Revivals USA

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