About Jesus At The Door

Jesus At The Door is a colourful, cutting edge, Spirit lead approach to evangelism that equips everyday believers to win everyday people.

Our catchphrase “evangelism made easy” sums up perfectly what JAD is all about, we make evangelism easy for anyone that we train. Whether you’re the believer of 54 years who has never led anyone to Christ or the international evangelist that travels the world, JAD’s simple equipping card will enable you to partner with the Spirit and lead the lost to Christ.

JAD was birthed on the streets of Northern Ireland during a radical move of God that saw many thousands saved. The Holy Spirit has entrusted Scott to bring this method of evangelism to the church, and we have now seen people in over 30 nations trained and equipped to reap the harvest using Jesus At The Door.

Our Mission

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.

Revelation 3:20 (ESV)

Jesus Knocking at the Door

Our Equipping Card is framed around a picture of Jesus knocking on a sinners heart on one side and 9 imagery laden points broken into 4 zones on the other.

Black speaks of the state of a sinners heart when the door is closed. Red speaks of the redemptive Blood of Jesus. Gold speaks of the fire of Holy Spirit. Silver speaks of Holiness. Silver laid the foundation of the tabernacle in the Holy place and it lays the foundation of our Equipping card, our prayer to open the door to Jesus.

We share, He shakes

As Scott went out onto the streets one day, the Holy Spirit said, “Imagine the people on the streets are apples on a tree. When you share, I’ll shake!”

That simple picture changed everything for him.

“It removed the pressure of feeling I had to know everything and convince everyone. It wasn’t about how good, bad or able I was.”

Partnership with the Holy Spirit was the key.

Teaching the Church to Catch

Jesus said in John 6:44 That no-one can come to Him unless the Father draws them.

The Father, through the Holy Spirit blows like a mighty wind and is shaking the trees and drawing men and women to Himself.

Some apples will fall, some will move a little, and some won’t move at all. All we have to do, is be there to catch them.

Meet Scott

Scott McNamara

Scott McNamara


Scott McNamara started life as an aspiring musician and pop star, but an addiction to drugs and alcohol caused Scott’s life to spiral out of control.

On New Year’s Eve 2001 Scott had a “road to Damascus” conversion to faith in Jesus Christ.

In 2014 Scott entered full time ministry and was appointed as Causeway Coast Vineyard’s first full-time evangelist.

As Scott took to the streets with the Gospel, the Holy Spirit began to pour out His power, and gave Scott the points that now comprise Jesus at the Door (JAD). It was here Scott and his wife Jaye launched their first Revive New Believers (RNB) group.

After leaving Ireland, Scott and the family spent two and a half years in the Pacific Northwest, implementing JAD in the local Church.

In 2021 Scott was invited to bring JAD and RNB to Christ for all Nations/Nations Church by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda where he now serves on staff as Evangelism Director.

Scott has travelled extensively domestically and internationally, equipping the body of Christ in sharing the Gospel and discipleship. He now lives in Orlando, Florida with Jaye and their four children.