Invite Scott for a Jesus at the Door Evangelism Equipping Experience


Reinhard Bonnke said;

The Church that does not seek the lost is ‘lost’ itself.

Is your Church lost? I think many if honest would answer yes to that question. At the same time most (hopefully) would also say that they want to change that!

This is where we come in!

As many as 96% of Christians are not leading anyone to Jesus. Which means that the vast majority of the wider church is, at best, simply sowing. The kingdom of God, however, requires both sowing and reaping. If we neglect reaping, we will not have a healthy harvest.

Jesus at the Door offers a unique reaping tool-an Equipping Card to use with anyone, anywhere,-and practical, step-by-step instructions, helping readers witness to friends, family, even strangers on the street. This tried and tested method revolves around a door (Jesus knocking) and 9 imagery-laden power points that articulate succinctly the message of the Gospel, laced with the presence of Jesus.

A typical Evangelism Made Easy training session with Scott or a Jesus at the Door Evangelist will begin with our below the iceberg training.  As with an iceberg only 10% is visible above the surface, but there’s another 90% that’s invisible residing below the surface. So it is with Jesus at the Door. When the Spirit gave Scott the 9 points that comprise the Jesus At The Door Equipping Card, he had the 10%, but it wasn’t until he received the other 90% (Invisible revelation) that he had the catalyst for the shift to take place moving an individual from seasoned sower to relentless reaper.

After this there is opportunity for each delegate to take part in our Break-out sessions and put into practice what they’ve learnt. We’ve seen countless times how even the most hesitant of Christian’s have the wonderful honour (many for the first time) of leading people into relationship with Jesus!

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