King’s Army Camp


“No soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer. “ (2 Tim 2:4).


Orlando, FL 32805


September 2nd-7th, 2024



The King’s Army (His Church) is made up of soldiers (Christians) who were enlisted the day they surrendered their lives, pledging allegiance to the King.

The Orlando regiment are a corps of those humble soldiers who are simply holding up a mirror to reflect and remind you of what you already know.

You are a soldier of Christ! Called and chosen to be in His army to fight the good fight of faith (1Tim 6:12).

In times of war the King calls on all of his faithful to fight.

The enemy has declared war on our King and it’s the job of his soldiers (Army) to protect His Kingdom! By raising the standard & pushing back darkness.

The Apostle Paul said in (2 Tim 2:3-4) you’re living like civilians concerned with civilian affairs instead of living like soldiers concerned with pleasing your commanding officer- the one that enlisted you! King Jesus!

Much of this Army (His Church) and His Soldiers (Christians) have been compromised by comfortability, replacing Soldier Christianity with Civilian Christianity. Living lives centered around their own convenience rather than centered around a growing obedience.

Jesus At The Door is the weapon to equip the soldiers of The King’s Army!

We realized we’ve been training civilians how to use this weapon wondering why they’re not winning the war in their communities!

Scripture says, “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall raise up a standard against him. (Isa 59:19)

The standard of a soldier compared to that of a civilian is considerably higher in every single area of life. We need a radical army to beat a radical enemy.

A weapon is only as good as the hands holding it.

The hands are only as good as the mind controlling it.

And the mind is only as good as the heart inspiring it

We don’t just want to train the hands of a civilian to hold the weapon

We want to train the heart of a soldier to win the war!

This is what King’s Army Camp is all about!

Join us this september and…
  • Be part of a historic gathering where you will be commissioned from heaven as the 1st generation of King’s Army soldiers to be deployed around the world.
  • Be trained, equipped and activated in tactics of war. Receiving strategy and revelation from the King in how to raise the standard and push back darkness in your City/Nation
  • Become a soldier who excels in both Character (Virtue) and Gifting (Valour)
  • Understand the power of the Gospel
  • Learn to hear God’s voice, for yourself and for others
  • Use the weapon of Jesus at the Door with boldness and in partnership with the Holy Spirit
  • Gain the skills to Resuscitate the casualties of war through our Revive New Believers (RNB) groups.
  • Train the wider Church in the weapon of Jesus at the Door.
  • Upon graduation you’ll be given a rank and option to purchase uniform and hand made (unique to KA soldiers) sterling silver dog tags.
  • Establishing your own Fire Teams/KA Corps in your region.

frequently Ask Questions

Who can come to Army Camp?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to apply. You should have a desire to share your faith and to walk closely with Jesus.

How much is Army Camp?

Army Camp costs $250. This cost includes your lunch and dinner each day and your welcome pack. If you would like to split these payments, please reach out to [email protected]

Where can I stay?

King’s Army Camp will be held at 2043 W Central Blvd, Orlando, FL 32805.

We are under ten minutes drive from downtown and a stones throw from Camping World Stadium.

There are a huge range of hotels and Airbandbs in the area with budgets to suit most needs.

Where is Army Camp?

We are located about 30 minutes drive from Orlando International Airport, just around the corner from Camping World Stadium. FL 32805

Can I join online?

We only offer Army Camp in person. This will be a time of great food, fellowship and impartation so we feel a week of this nature is best experienced in person.