New Believers Group

Step 1


As soon as you become a Christian the Bible says we must get Baptised.  It’s the first step of obedience and becoming a member of the world wide church.  You are shouting out to the natural and supernatural world ‘I have died with Jesus and been raised back to life in Jesus.’ It will then catapult you to obey your 2 main Orders from your new King; Go tell everyone and disciple them.  How? It’s simple, take your own JAD card and tell everyone you know and then bring them to your new RNB group – simple. 

Step 2


The next step is daily Bible and prayer devotions. It is essential to staying alive and growing as a Christian.  Like eating bread and drinking water daily to stay alive and healthy as a human you need to eat the Bible and drink prayer daily to stay alive and healthy as a Christian. Sunrise devotions are done when you first wake up and Sunset devotions are done when you come back from work or go to bed. How much time you spend is up to you, our JAD bench mark is Jesus said to His disciples ‘could you not pray with me for 1 hour.’

Step 3


The last step is be committed to going to RNB group and church every week, no matter what! Why? Simply to worship God and grow.  Sunday is Gods day, it’s not our day, so we rest from work and go to church to love our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, we don’t go to love ourselves.  We also go to grow as a Christian, be encouraged and have fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters. God says we must not neglect this.  If you do, you are easy pickings, the devil is like a roaring lion looking to see who he can rip apart – isolation makes you an easy target.

Highlight Reel

Discipleship has always been the beating heart behind Jesus At The Door. Our desire is to partner with the local Church and awaken a sleeping giant in the area of soul winning and disciple-making. We want to not only shift something in your Church/community while we’re there, but we also want to continue this partnership after we leave by encouraging and resourcing YOU as you develop your own culture of evangelism.