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“No soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer. “ (2 Tim 2:4). Many believers are living like civilians rather than Soldiers. More concerned about the things of this world.Our aim is to shift that focus back onto pleasing their commanding officer (Jesus) This is what King’s Army week is all about. We want to turn our hearts back toward to the one who enlisted us, experience his love and from this position, go into the enemy’s camp to rescue others, raising up the standard and pushing back the darkness. You will be equipped in; Understanding the power of the Gospel Hearing God’s voice, for yourself and for others Using the weapon of Jesus at the Door with boldness and in partnership with the Holy Spirit Resuscitating the casualties of war through our Revive New Believers (RNB) groups and your local Church HIP (Holiness, Integrity, Purity) training, living a life pleasing to our King. Training the wider Church in the weapon of Jesus at the Door. If your heart is for Evangelism and Discipleship, this week is for you! Watch this video to see the story of the King’s Army .