On April 6th I left Northern California on my Harley Davidson on my way to Washington to reconnect with my ex-girlfriend, little did I know I was on a collision course with the Holy Spirit. After riding through the snow and the rain I reconnected with my old girlfriend at a house where she was staying where the devil had a stranglehold. We were drinking and drugging and fornicating out-of-wedlock along with all our friends living at this residence.

Somehow on the day before Easter, Pastor Scott McNamara and one of his disciples showed up at this spot. I didn’t know then, why they were there but I know now, they were there for me, Guided by the Holy Spirit himself. Scott asked if he could pray for me and he and his disciple put their hands on me within seconds the Holy Spirit grabbed hold of me and I started bawling like a baby, remember now I’m a hardened biker dude with neck tattoos, pierce nose, and Harley as my only form of transportation, I never cry! That was before the Holy Spirit softened my heart. Now I cry all the time, tears of joy.

Thanks to Scott introducing me to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is real, because Scott knew stuff about me there’s no way he could have known. Ever since I answered the door when Jesus was knocking my life has been nothing but blessed. With the help of one of Scott’s disciples I’ve managed to break away from the Stranglehold of Satan and obtain a different residence, secure a job, and a career future, and I’m moving into my own apartment within the next couple weeks. I feel like all the chains that held me back have been broken away now I walk taller, and I can’t stop smiling, I love my new life with Jesus.

Know Jesus, know joy. No Jesus no joy.