Joe-Joe & Bridget’s Story

Joe-Joe & Bridget’s Story


When I was born my mom was 18 and just graduated HS. She wasn’t with my father but married my stepdad when I was 6 weeks old. They used drugs and alcohol when I was young and quit the hard stuff by the time I was 5 yrs old. I was always in trouble and I picked on my brothers while we were growing up. I smoked a cigarette for the first time when I was 5.I never went to church with my mom but I went every weekend when we spent the night with my grandparents. I remember I really liked the singing part of church and I didn’t know there was any difference in churches until I was older. My mom’s family was catholic and my dad was a Christian we was from the south they all believe in Jesus, I just was not sure how to be good. Being bad was easy and everyone always paid attention to you when you were being bad because you’re always in trouble.

Fast forward to high school and I got brought home by the cops one night, I started using drugs and drinking and getting into more and more trouble. After I barely graduated from high school I moved out of the house and lived with my friend until I moved in with a coworker and ended up strung out on crystal meth and pregnant. Well, things happened and I moved in with my dad then my aunt. I tried to go back to school and get my life together and I ended up pregnant again and I didn’t finish school and went back to using meth. This was my life for a lot of years. I was in and out of trouble always using and never taking any kind of responsibility. I gave my aunt temporary custody of my kids and I sold made and used drugs. In 2005 I met a guy I would have done anything for and mostly did. I had 2 more kids with him and ended up with a couple of felonies of my own by 2010. I continued my crazy life while my mom was working out of the state and took care of my sister and my two younger kids at my mom’s house. I was still using drugs and committing crimes and things were just going downhill. In 2013, I moved away and ended up in Vancouver, WA on my way to Yakima, WA for inpatient treatment to get custody of my kids back from CPS. I was in treatment for a year and while I was going to meetings and building support my son called this random guy (Joe Joe) dad one day, and my life forever changed. I did not know it at the time but we were destined to be together.

I would spend the next few months getting to know this guy and eventually we ended up pregnant and getting married in less than a year’s time. I still don’t know how it happened to fast. But we moved back to Vancouver, and we ended up homeless. By summer my husband moved to Michigan to take care of the kids he had with another woman who had passed away just before Christmas in 2015 due to an overdose. I and the kids ended up in Michigan that October 2016 and by Sept. 2017 we had sold the house and moved back to Vancouver, WA. We were living with my mom and oldest son and ended up homeless again in the summer of 2018. By Sept we had lost a car and moved into an apartment and our addiction was in full swing again. We had somebody call CPS on us and I didn’t get help. When I finally got the help they came and took the kids while I was in treatment and we ended up losing the apartment one year later and all four of our kids and living in a tent.

We went and had coffee and Scott & Jaye showed me the same Jesus at the door image and I prayed to open the door to Jesus.

One day in November we went to the mall against my better judgment. We had no reason to be there we had no money and ended up fighting in the JC Penny store. I turned and walked out and left Joe Joe there in the mall. As I was leaving the mall I was visibly upset and I ended up at the transit station waiting for him to catch up because I just couldn’t leave him behind. Out of nowhere he pops up talking about this guy he’d just met and how he knew things about him. So we arranged to meet them the next day at Starbucks. We went and had coffee and Scott & Jaye showed me the same Jesus at the door image and I prayed to open the door to Jesus.

I have always believed in Jesus. I often prayed and believed that prayer worked. I just never understood the whole concept of a relationship with Jesus and getting the Holy Spirit.

We got invited to the Revive New Believers group and JoeJoe was convinced to turn himself into jail to take care of his warrant. I went to the group a couple of times without him. We prayed for JoeJoe there and his case was dismissed and he came to the group and felt the spirit move in him. I have always believed in Jesus. I often prayed and believed that prayer worked. I just never understood the whole concept of a relationship with Jesus and getting the Holy Spirit. I know that “gut feeling” was what I needed to follow because it was never wrong. I knew there was a God and I have been to every kind of church there is practically searching for the answers to the meaning of life and the like. I have not ever truly surrendered my life to Jesus before. I guess I never understood the real meaning and significance of doing so. I have been baptized and I have tried time after time to “do the right thing” but total surrender was not a part of it. That would mean giving up control over what happens to me and I just couldn’t do it ever before I always seemed to think I knew best for me what I needed. But look at what my life has been for the past 40 years…drugs sex crime and pain. Do I truly know what is best for my life? I obviously do not know how to be a mom daughter wife or friend. And since having met Scott and attending New Believers Group and having gone to rehab one more time I have found that I am ready to fully surrender my life to Jesus I am ready to let someone else help guide me in being a better wife mother daughter and friend. Thanks to prayer and building a relationship with Jesus I want to support my husband and his dreams and be a mother who prays for her children and rebuilds lost relationships and I want to be a prayer warrior and follow Jesus until the end of my days.


I come from a family of drugs, Physical, Mental and Sexual abuse. Both my parents are deceased as a result of drugs. I was molested and abused as a child. My father was the president of the Detroit Highwaymen Motorcycle club in Detroit Michigan. My mother was an abused wife and slave to the enemy. I began using drugs when I was 13 years of age and began my road to destruction. When I was 17 years old I was arrested and charged with murder 2 and drugs due to a drug deal gone bad in my own self-destruction. The charge was later dropped to manslaughter and I was sentenced 6 to 10 years in prison. I served 7 years 4 months and 13 days. My mother was killed in a car accident 4 months before my release and my dad died of a cocaine overdose 4 months after I was released. From there I was in and out of jail and on drugs until 2012.

I came to Yakima Washington where I was arrested for DUI and forced into treatment where I met my wife to be. She and I got clean for 5 years until 2016 my wife and I got a settlement and moved to Romulus, Michigan to care for my children there as their mother passed away as a result of a drug overdose and wasn’t long and we were back on drugs.  

By 2019 we had lost a house that we owned bought and paid for, 3 vehicles and many possessions. So my mother in law told us to move back to Washington and she would help us. So we moved back and gave her some money and within a month my wife had a fallen out with her mother and we were on the streets. 

My goal is to live a holy life and show thousands of others like myself that they too can change. And the only thing they have to do is open their heart to Jesus.  

We got a place of our own and was all bad from there on out. I began selling drugs to make ends meat and in February 2018 I was arrested for possession of meth. I spent 182 days in jail and went to treatment in Nov 2019 twice and left both times. my wife and I were living in a tent in a friend’s backyard. 

On veteran’s day weekend we ended up at the mall. We had no money and honestly had no real reason for being there but at the same time we felt we had a need to be there that I could not describe. While at the mall my wife and I ended up getting into an argument and she left me standing in the middle of the store. I went walking through the mall toward the exit looking for my wife but before I could make it out of the mall I heard someone calling me and turned to see some bald guy running towards me pulling a little girl with him. I stopped and he asked if he could ask me a question and showed me a picture of Jesus knocking on a door with a heart around it. He said, “Have you ever seen this picture before?” “No,” I said. He then asked me “do you pray?” and “do you believe in Jesus?” I said “no I don’t pray but I believe in Jesus.” Usually I tell people like him that I am good with my God and then walk away. But on that day, I was mesmerized and couldn’t walk away. It was like somebody had a hold on the back of my neck holding me there. I explained to him that my wife and I were strung out on meth and living in a tent. He asked if he could pray for me. Then we exchanged information and the next day met up with him and his wife at Starbucks where they invited us to their Revive New Believer’s group and said they wanted to help us. 

I had a warrant for my arrest, and Scott advised me that the right thing to do would be to turn myself in and I did so 2 days later. My wife went to the group on Thursday while I was in jail. With all the prayers from everyone in the group the judge dropped my charges and I was out the following week. I went to group the day I got out it was a Thursday. Scott and Jaye lent us a car to get back and forth until thanksgiving and we blew it.  To make a long story short the cops called Scott to tell him the car was found abandoned on the side of the road, they came and got it and found a car full of needles with a girl sat in the car drinking beer as we slept in the tent our back. 

One night I slammed some dope in the bathroom and prayed that God would take this addiction away from us and help me get my wife out of a tent and out of this life. I promised God I would surrender my life to Him and do whatever He wanted me too.

Then as I was walking out of the bathroom I looked at my phone and saw Scott’s chat bubble on my phone after I removed him from my friend’s list. I messaged him “Hi.” Scott responded immediately and said that I had you on my heart today. I told him we were pretty strung out and that we needed help but we were ready. He told us that he didn’t care about what had happened before with the car, and he still wanted to help but we had to prove we were serious this time. If you are really serious and really want this there is a guy who has a Christian rehab so call me every day until I can get you in. 

Today Joe Joe is 74 days sober.

I called him at 8 am that same day and talked to him off and on all day for 2 days trying to figure out our plan of action. Nothing was open for detox and we could only get my wife in on the coming Saturday. There was nothing open for men for at least a month. That wasn’t working but we ended up getting a motel room to detox in and met with the pastor of the recovery program and we had to pee clean before we could get in and we did. We went into the program and were there for 66 days. Since then I have totally surrendered my life to the lord with full intentions of keeping my word and have plans to become an extremely respected evangelist, soul saver and one day obtain a master’s degree in theology. My goal is to live a holy life and show thousands of others like myself that they too can change. And the only thing they have to do is open their heart to Jesus.  

Today Joe Joe is 74 days sober.